Immersive Works

The XR Coven is a digital arts collective that functions as a studio on various Augmented and Virtual Reality works. Our Members Include:

Clara Luzian - Render_Fruit

Anastasia Semenoff - alpha_rats

Juju Parchimowicz - itsbadjuju

Gayatri Parameswaran - Nowheremedia

Rachel little, Atley Loughridge

Dov Heichemer

Chelley Sherman

Corpus Misty

Corpus Misty is an animated VR documentary set in a bright saturated corpuscular world where you journey into the secret tales of women and genderqueers who have bridged a rift in their realities in order to create unity in their worlds.

Corpus Misty was the beginning of our collective design studio the Vr Coven and once funded by Oculus Medium I connected with and hired 20 brilliant artists, designers, engineers, storytellers, musicians, marketing, and pr to help build the experience into an 20 minute interactive documentary. We toured festivals such as Cannes, SXSW, IDFA and museum of Modern art Switzerland and designed an inflatable installation by Popticum for our Premier.


ᒡᓗud Anakwad is an Anishinaabe is an Anishinaabe tale experienced as an indigiqueer shapeshifter. The narration is in the form of surrealist fable based on a two spirited trip through loss of family and re centering.

This piece was a collaboration with the XR Coven team with narration and concept by Ty Defoe in collaboration with A Shell in the Pit sound and Sound Seed, with support by the Quills Fest and Artizen. The Quills fest took place in the Museum of Other Realities on Steam as an immersive exhibition.

The Pulp

The Pulp Orcade is an ever-growing collection of lush augmented reality monuments depicting the community’s vision of the future and an homage to community envisioning.

Built within Unity this AR app provides prompt questions and can take your voice create individual flowers based on the sound of your voice. Submitted flowers then grow a natural AR monument that and can be listened to by the community. The initial prototype has been Funded by Sundance Immersive and Part of the IDFA Forum of Selected works. Early concept design was mentored by MIT labs and in collaboration with Entangled Others Studios.