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Immersive Works

The following are a limited set of featured immersive works primarily made collectively with artists from the XR Coven.

Corpus Misty

Image by Juju Parchimowicz

Corpus Misty is an animated VR documentary set in a bright saturated corpuscular world where you journey into the secret tales of women and genderqueers who have bridged a rift in their realities in order to create unity in their worlds.

Corpus Misty was the beginning of our collective design studio the Xr Coven. Once funded by Oculus Medium I connected with and hired 20 brilliant artists, designers, engineers, storytellers, musicians, marketing, and PR professionals to help build the experience into an 20 minute interactive documentary. We toured festivals such as Cannes, SXSW, IDFA and Museum of Modern Art Switzerland and designed an inflatable installation by Popticum for our premier.


Image by Clara Luzian

ᒡᓗud Anakwad is an Anishinaabe tale experienced as an indigiqueer shapeshifter. The narration is in the form of surrealist fable based on a two-spirited trip through loss of family and re-centering.

This piece was a collaboration with the XR Coven team with narration and concept by Ty Defoe in collaboration with A Shell in the Pit sound and Sound Seed, with support by the Quills Fest and Artizen. The Quills fest took place in the Museum of Other Realities on Steam as an immersive exhibition.

The Pulp

Image by Dov Heichemer, Clara Luzian, and Alpha Rats

The Pulp Orcade is an ever-growing collection of lush augmented reality monuments depicting the community’s vision of the future and a homage to community envisioning.

Built within Unity, this AR app provides prompt questions and using your voice can create individual flowers based on the sound qualities of your voice. Submitted flowers then grow a natural AR monument that and can be listened to by the community. The initial prototype has been funded by Sundance Immersive and part of the IDFA Forum. Early concept design was mentored by MIT labs and in collaboration with Entangled Others Studios.

Prototype in Collaboration with the Entangledothers Studio

Chaos Simulator

Image by Clara Luzian

The Chaos Simulator works with practice theory to enforce the benefits of habit

change on neural plasticity by creating chaos simulations with AI which are designed to

help create perspective shifts through creative destruction, giving users a sense of relief and liberation.

The Chaos Simulator is currently in early production and will be at the IDFA Doc Forum.

Additional Works Digital Swords King Kong Gallery The Hague (NL) 2005 Polly and the Peggys Klang Artists Colony Gdansk (PL) 2005 Week of Work Festival: Rec/Play Vooruit, Gent (BL) 2006 The Night of the Three DIA Gallery Torun (PL) 2006 Touch 10: Rec/Play Tag The Hague (NL) 2007 Structet: Music for Architecture Today’s Art Festival The Hague (NL) 2007 Facelifters: Rec/Play Intro Maastricht (NL) 2007 The Web: Reactive Composition Installation Fisch Fabrik Berlin (DE) 2007 Skin to Sound : Paintings by Valeria Sanguini The Fabrik Berlin (DE) 2007 Pin Board Sound Louis V night Denver (US) 2008 No Borders:Composition Faktion San Francisco (US) 2009 Suki Tawdry Collective: five compositions Pow Pow Performance Art Festival, San Francisco (US) 2010 Our Lady of Flowers Opera in III parts Denver (US) 2011 Static Darkness: Sounds from Hong Kong, Shanghai Conservatory Shanghai (CO) 2012 Structural Sound Ozean Gallery Berlin (DE) 2013 Queersourced Anthem Queer National Arts Festival San Francisco (US) 2014 Future Visions Web Film CYNETART Festival Dresden (DE) 2015 Look at You Immersive Installation, Unit Festival Berlin (DE) 2016 Look at You Immersive installation, Haus am Lützowplatz Berlin (DE) 2016 Stage Diving ff collective Immersive Tour, Galleri Syster Lulea (SWE) 2016 Hairable Virtual Reality Immersive Installation, KulturHaus Insel Berlin Berlin (DE) 2017 Ambient Spheres Virtual Reality Mixed Sound, Most Wanted Musik, Haus Ungarn Berlin (DE) 2017 Ambient Spheres Virtual Reality Mixed Sound, Stadt Nach Acht, Musik und Frieden Berlin (DE) 2017

Corpus Misty Virtual Reality Testing Showcase work in progress, La Cité Fertile, Ecosystéme(s) Du Virtuel Paris (FR) 2018 Corpus Misty Virtual Reality Funding Showcase work in progress, SXSW, VR Cinema Austin (USA) 2019 Corpus Misty Virtual Reality Funding Showcase work in progress, Cannes, XR Showcase Cinema Cannes (FR) 2019

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