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Creator Strategy & Ops

As the Creator PM I led the Creator organisation strategy and operational road map which was comprised of four other PM-led teams.

Much of my time was revenue focused and began by running user interviews, audience, and market research to get a read on what our community valued. At the time we had features ready to corrode with legacy technology, cascading user flows that had been over written with time, and contractual deadlines with heavily dependent data structures. Due to the complexity of the work the cognitive fog potential was real, so it required collective intentional timing for each phase across the org and early conversations around collective problem solving.

We managed to run three streams with tests, improvements, and new features. Alongside building new features, I worked closely with design to a/b test and clean up any breaks in our new user experience and onboarding, which led to 9% increase in uploads and a 15% increase in Creator app engagement. Whilst running ongoing tests we addressed our most problematic tools which led to a top to bottom redesign of Stats from our data pipeline to UX. Lastly, I led the collective solution for our next step in paying creators internationally with On SoundCloud, in which SoundCloud functions as a label to Artists, DJ's and Curators. This collaboration took place internally with 3 PM-led teams as well as our external labels, legal and data teams.

My time in Creators really gave me time to collaborate, collectively build, and schedule in a light intentional format for other very busy working groups and heads. We avoided multi-team weekly and monthly check ins and kept our sessions centred around findings and deliverables. This was one of my favourite collaborations because each head helped collectively frame our next strategic pivot based on the fundamentals I provided, which led to collective ownership and a very smooth and easy going collaboration.

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