Creator Strategy

As the Creator Pm I built out our best bets at increasing subscriptions by running audience research as well as market research to get a read on what our community valued.

Along side bringing user value through new features, I worked closely to design a/b tests and clean up any potholes in our new user experience with a new on boarding journey and an interstitial on user profiles, to link users to Pulse our creator app which had great potential but minor engagement.

With the revamp in the on boarding we saw a 9% increase in uploads and a 15% increase in Creator app usage.

The technical and visual redesign of our most problematic areas also led to the redesign of Stats as well as more social stats from users, their location, and playlists.

Lastly, I led the collective design of our payments system and royalty services with the Pm's leading these complex problem spaces for SoundCloud GO in which SoundCloud functions as a label to Artists, DJ's and Curators.