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Stations was one of my first true PM challenges after only a year of technical product management, as it required the entire product development cycle and co-creation across the organisation. Stations is the SoundCloud equivalent to Spotify radio. The algorithm is based on collaborative filtering which is a format used to find the likelihood of taste through a socialgraph.

I led Stations from concept to launch through a user-centric collaborative design and development process including internal insights, audience and market research, persona development, design sprints, rapid prototyping, and continuous user experience testing resulting in our MVP launch and three additional milestones. This was one of the first experiences to be tested on our home experience increasing retention by 11%

This feature encompassed four features as part of an MVP and taught me a lot about feature creep, appropriate timing for bringing in other teams, shared ownership models, the limits of user research, and how to work with a smaller MVP scope and integrated pivots. Ultimately Stations taught me how to build lighter, more collaboratively, and integrate points that allows for for chaos, learnings, and change.

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